Concept Cookies: Alfred Hitchcock

Concept Cookies: Cookies I make for fun, to try out a new idea or experiment with a new technique.

I had some extra scalloped square cookies left over from the baby shower cookies. So, since my kitchen was already a "cookie decorating mess" ...


I've been on an Alfred Hitchcock kick lately - getting all of his movies from Netflix and watching them. Thought it would be fun to make some Hitchcock cookies.

Those of you with art or graphic design degrees will probably roll your eyes at my lack of knowledge, but while perusing Google Images for Hitchcock cookie inspiration, I discovered the work of Saul Bass. "an American graphic designer and Academy Award-winning filmmaker, best known for his design on animated motion picture title sequences." He worked on the title sequences for several Hitchcock movies. If you're not familiar with his work do a Google Images search. You'll be amazed. 

Making silhouette cookies is fairly easy.

Just put waxed paper over your image, trace with royal icing (using a small writing tip), flood with thinned icing and allow to dry (at least overnight). Then carefully peel back the waxed paper and lay on iced cookie attaching with extra royal icing.


I know the scalloped edge on these cookies doesn't really work with the Hitchcock theme. I was just using what I had - but I'm really proud of this idea!

Hitchcock... Saul Bass... Jimmy Stewart... San Francisco... the 1950s & 60s...

It's a great world (although creepy!) to escape to for a little while!