I think this Thanksgiving ranks among my favorite Thanksgivings ever.

Thanksgiving day was just the 5 of us. (my husband and I and our 3 kids)

I fixed a traditional Thanksgiving dinner except that we roasted a chicken instead of a turkey and we had pumpkin cupcakes instead of pumpkin pie because I don't like pie.

There was no stress. We just hung out.

Friday we hit a few of the Black Friday sales then had breakfast with my mom & dad and aunt.

Saturday I got caught up on some house work. I even found time to decorate my craft room and turn it into "Santa's Workshop".

Today we had Thanksgiving dinner with my husband's family and enjoyed spending time with our sweet little nieces and nephews.

Mom and I decorated cookies last weekend... I've got quite a few of my gifts bought....

I'm actually going into December feeling pretty calm and at ease - like everything is totally under control.

I'll enjoy that feeling while I can. I'm sure it won't last!