It's Time

 Time get ready for Holiday Baking.

 Every year, about this time, I start making a holiday baking plan. Here's how I go about it (sort of):

1. Look for Inspiration - For decorated cookie ideas, I like to look at holiday greeting cards and wrapping papers. I look for color schemes and simple design motifs.

2. Make Lists - A list of everything I want to bake, a list of supplies I need, a list of everything/everyone that I need to bake for

3. Shop for Supplies - Once I have an idea of what my "look" is going to be and what I need, I order supplies.

4. Fill out a Calendar - I TRY to live by a schedule this time of year. It helps me to look at the time that I have - and then set some of it aside for decorating my house, shopping and baking.


So - in light of my process - I put together a holiday planner. If you'd like to use it - 


feel free to download it here