A Backyard Baking Cottage


Would it be wrong to use my blog as a means of persuading my husband to build this in our backyard?

You know... like maybe... I could get like 300 comments telling him what a sound economic investment this would be. How my cookies would be a national sensation if only I had a licensed kitchen.  How if he builds it...they will come.

I know... I'm being ridiculous. I just really, really need a kitchen!

I've spent years trying to figure out how to make a living doing what I love - decorating cookies, creating packaging and labeling for cookies, finding fun vintage dishes to put my cookies on/in. I would love to get up every morning, walk across my back yard and be at work!

I've sort of ruled out having an actual bakery for right now. I need flexible hours and I need to be able to slick my bangs back in my trustee hot-pink velvet leopard head band and not worry about what I look like!

A kitchen anywhere else is going to cost a fortune. Plus I'd need to double up on a lot of supplies - some for my home kitchen, some for my work kitchen. I'd probably need another computer, another internet connection…

A backyard baking cottage is definitely the best option!