Blog it Forward {& Backward?}

I completely forgot that, way back on March 19, I was supposed to take part in "Blog it Forward" - An idea from SF Girl By Bay.

I was supposed to write about what inspires me.

Well - Lots of things inspire me, but here are the things that help me get into that "creative zone":



A clean, organized workspace

I wish that my house looked this tidy and organized! These are from Chez Larson. I love visiting her website  - lots of great decorating & organizing ideas + lot's of great "How-tos".


A routine

Things have been a little crazy lately. No two days are the same. We're always coming and going - getting up early, staying up late. I can't wait for life to settle back into some sort of boring routine. Apparently a routine is important to a lot of creative people - I found this blog -Daily Routines - that is all about "how writers, artists and other interesting people organize their days" - very interesting



(except for some good, mellow music or an audio book or a podcast)



I can almost always turn to fabric prints when I need cookie design ideas or color schemes (sorry - I had these designs saved on my computer - no idea where they came from!)


Other Blogs

I've started an "Inspiration File" on Tumblr to store all of the great ideas I see on other blogs. I used to have a bunch of 3-ring binders full of ideas I'd ripped from the pages of magazines but, in the interest of keeping my house clean and organized - I've moved to the Tumblr.


Diving In

Sometimes I just don't feel creative or inspired at all. But - the show must go on - so - I just have to dive in and do it.  Sometimes that's when the best ideas come.

I made these cookies for a first communion last weekend.

Please go visit some of the other blogs that participated in "Blog it Forward". I know you'll be inspired!