Sugar and Meringue has a Home! (almost)


Long time, no post.

I think it is finally safe to tell you what I've been up to all summer. (I didn't want to say anything until all the paper work was signed and everything was official)

We bought a duplex.

A very, very cute, 2-story, 100 year old duplex with wood floors and other cute old fashioned features.

Our daughter (a college sophomore) and her roommate are living in one side and the other side is occupied by tenants that were already living there before we bought it.

If all goes as planned - in a year or so - I'll have the kitchen in one side licensed and move my baking business in. It won't be a store or anything just a work space. But, since the kitchen will be used only for my baking business, with a few minor modifications, it will be a LEGAL workspace.

In the meantime, we have been working hard to get my daughter's side all fixed up. We painted the walls and trim in every room and even refinished the wood floors (with TONS of help from my mom and dad). It's looking really cute.

If only the state of Nebraska would follow Michigan's example and pass legislation that allows the production and sale of certain foods made by residents in their home kitchens - it would be a lot easier to get started in the baking business!