Rainbow Cake

I'm a cookie & cupcake decorator


Not a cake decorator


I've been practicing though


We had the family over to celebrate my daughters' birthdays and I used that as excuse to try making one of these rainbow cakes. It's kind of a mess - not nearly as perfect as the one "Whisk Kid" made on Martha but it was fun to make and even more fun to serve since no one was expecting a rainbow inside!

I love this idea from "ErinChicago" (a commentor on Martha's site):

I made this cake as a surprise for the 1st day of school for my nieces Mia (4) and Madison (3). They thought it was just a white cake, but add magic sprinkles to the top of the cake (use the same color spinkles that are in the cake) and a few magic words and wow a priceless moment! Also it is a lot of work but so worth it! The cake turned out perfect.


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