Ghost Hunting Cookies


Our local Historic Society invited some Paranormal investigators to our "Trails and Rails" museum which is a collection of old buildings including a church, school, train depot and some houses.

The investigators gave classes on ghost hunting and then lead investigations of all the buildings on the grounds as a fund-raiser for our historic society.

I'm not sure where I stand on ghosts and the paranormal. I have a very healthy dose of skepticism but I also think it's important to keep an open mind about things that can't easily be explained.

But - I LOVE a good ghost story!!

So - my daughter and a friend and I took the class and did the investigation. Seemed like an interesting way to spend a Friday night.

The night that we did our investigation had to be the hottest most humid evening of the whole year and in those old buildings there was no movement of any air at all. If spirits feed off the energy around them, there was none to be had. We didn't get a lot ghostly action. Our EMF detector went off a few times in the basement of the depot  - supposedly it was the ghost of Betty. And a glass cabinet rattled a tiny bit in the church. Weird but not convincing. I remain an open minded skeptic.

Skeptism aside - the one thing the investigators said they never mess with is Ouija Boards. I've never played with a Ouija Board and probably never will. I guess that "open minded" part of my brain would rather play it safe than sorry. (Have you seen Paranormal Activity??)

Anyway, I was trying to think of something kinda spooky and novel to make for Halloween cookies - I thought Ouija Boards would be just the thing.

I think maybe I need to invest in one of those Kopy Kake projectors. There are times when my designs are just too complicated to do completely free hand. It would have been very helpful to at least have some kind of guidelines when I was piping the letters on these cookies. Or is there another technique for getting a perfect arch on a cake/cookie?

I was reasonably happy with the background on these cookies. I just flooded the cookies with tan icing and then after the icing was completely set - I mixed some brown gel coloring with water and brushed it on very lightly (it took a little bit of trial and error).

Anyway - If you're planning any ghost hunting adventures this Halloween season - I wish you well.

Hahahahahaha (scary Vincent Price laugh)