Red Riding Hood Party

Hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween!

I had a very fun weekend at my friend Amy's house. Her kids were having a few friends over for Halloween to watch the movie Red Riding Hood. So Amy and I decided to spend the weekend playing dessert table designers using Red Riding Hood as the theme. We had so much fun coming up with ideas based on the movie/theme. With limited time, limited resources (Amy lives in a small town that doesn't even have a Walmart!) and a limited budget we had to get really creative!

Amy found this invitation from Wings by Studio 30 on Etsy that helped to establish the over-all look.

So here's what we made:

Cookies (to mimic the invitation)

Full Moon Cupcakes

Blood Moon Cupcake Bites (a reference to the movie)

Twisted Twigs (almond bark pretzels sprinkled with black sugar)

Wolf Cub Chow (this was Amy's daughter's fantastic idea. They made it after I left)

Wolfsbane (Cherry Koolaid)

Center Pieces - We sent our boys outside to pick up twigs, spray painted them gray and glued on cardstock cut-outs of owls and bats and signs.


Amy's house couldn't have been a more perfect setting. She just happens to have gray walls and red chairs. It looked just perfect!