Baby Reindeer Cookies

No posts for about a month and now 2 posts in one day!

I know.

But it's the Holidays. Gotta blog when I can.

Now that I've told you all about Amy and how we're collaborating on a new blog - thought I'd share our most recent baking project.

Amy came over last weekend to decorate Christmas cookies. She is sort-of new to cookie decorating. So, I spent some time showing her and her daughter some of the cookie decorating methods I've learned over the years. We taped it so you can watch and decorate with us if you'd like. This is my first stab at posting video so please forgive any quality issues!

Christmas Deer Cookies from Emily Reiman on Vimeo.

To make these cookies, I found a cute deer on Google Images, printed it on card stock, traced it with a brown food marker and used that as a guide for my piping. This is a technique I learned from Sugar Belle.

For new cookie bakers - I always recommend reading Sweetopia's tutorials. She does an amazing job explaining both basic and advanced cookie decorating techniques.


 Hopefully I'll get a few more of our cookie decorating videos posted later this week!