Guess it's a little late to say "Happy Valentine's Day!"

Oh well...

Some weeks are like that.

It was actually kind of a fun and interesting week at my day job.

I'm kind of a "Jack of all Trades/Master of None" for the company I work for. I'm honestly not sure what my title actually is. I guess my mail says "Graphic Artist" and "Marketing Manager" and "Webmaster"  - I know enough about all of these things to get by but I'm certainly not an expert at any of them.

Anyway - my company manufactures lighting. Some new constructions and remodels in the area feature our lighting. So last week, we had some professional videographers/photographers come and I spent 2 full days going with them from house to house helping with photo shoots. (mostly just watching and getting in the way).

My boss got wine and restaurant gift cards for all of the homeowners and then I made little boxes of Valentines day cookies to put with them.

So with one late night staying up to make cookies and two long days of photography - it was kind of an exhausting week. But, I spent two full days going through some beautiful homes. Not gonna complain about that!

In other news...

One of my favorite readers, my Aunt Claudia, celebrated her birthday yesterday. Happy Birthday Claudia!