How important are organic ingredients?


Thanks for all of the comments about cake mixes. It was fun reading them and you made a lot of good points on both sides.

One thing I want to make clear is that I have no intention of starting an actual "Cupcakery". I realize that in a cupcakery the expectation is that all the cupcakes are made from scratch. And secondly I'd like you to know that I would never try to pass cupcakes made from a mix off as homemade.

So - I'm still kind of on the fence about this one.

I agree -

"If it tastes good, does it really matter?"

"DH and BC have been doing this a LOT longer than I have....."

"If you wanna eat healthy, have a birthday apple!"

But I also agree -

"I'm a from scratch least then you know what is in them"

"The box mixes are full of preservatives"

 Which brings me to the next issue I'm wrestling with.

Organic ingredients.

My attitude towards organic ingredients has always kind of been this: They're nice and all but they're so dang expensive.  I'm sure they're probably a little healthier but really - is "normal" food that unsafe?

And, frankly, I've just been buying the same old ingredients I've always bought - the same stuff my mom always bought.

Then I watched Food Inc.

That documentary made we aware of some issues involving our food choices that I never really thought about. I won't try to delve into all of them here. I'll just say that I was upset by the unnecessary cruelty to animals and humans that some of our eating habits help to foster.

So- old habits die hard. My life is crazy busy and it's just easier sometimes to run to the nearest supermarket and buy the same old ingredients. Plus, my budget is limited and organic is expensive. But - I'm at least starting to think more about what I buy. I've started doing a little research into where I can find organic ingredients in my area and when the difference in price between "regular" and organic is small - I'll choose organic. I've also found a farmer who sells eggs from free range chickens (though I don't know if they're technically organic).

As I think about my future baking business - Yes - of course - I'd like need to make money (enough to live comfortably on). I can't sell my cookies for a biliion dollars each and I can't use ingredients that eat all my profits. But I'd also like to be a more concientious baker.

Ugh! It's all so complicated!