In with a bang, out with a wimper

Anniversaries, Tornadoes, adorable-abandoned kittens...

What a crazy week!

Monday was our anniversary so we celebrated by going out for supper. It's a good thing I still had a husband to eat dinner with! He was on the road during some severe weather and spotted a tornado. So - did he seek shelter? NO! He just snapped a couple of pictures and kept going...

Later the severe weather moved on to Omaha where my daughter was attending a concert. She ended up spending a portion of her evening sheltering in a little basement with a bunch of Jack's Mannequin fans.

The tornadoes did some damage to homes in our area but thankfully, no one was hurt.

Friday night, my other daughter and some of her friends were walking through one of the schoolyards from one house to another when they found a box with two very adorable (clearly abandoned) kittens inside. They rescued them and one friend was able to convince her parents to keep one of them. The other one wound up at our house. She's very very sweet but we've got two dogs, cat allergies and a husband/dad who does not like cats so she can't stay here. We're still looking for a good home for her...

Anyway - Time to announce the winner of the Fashion to Figure Giveaway!

It is Orella! Orella won by "liking" my Facebook page. I used to choose the winner.

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