Back to Baking - Fall Assignments

My mind has not really been on baking and blogging lately - too many other things going on.

But now my kids are all settled and life seems to be returning to a more regular routine. The weather has been a little cooler...

It's time to hit the books, find some new recipes, crank up the oven and


I've got long lists of fall assignments for myself:

READING - Read Peggy Porschen's new book Peggy's Favourite Cakes & Cookies. Also, read my favorite blogs more often and look for new blogs to read.

WRITING - Write one blog post every week - due by 9:00 pm every Sunday.

ARITHMETIC - Work on fractions to develop some new sugar cookie recipes.

ART -  Tweek/update the look of Sugar and Meringue

SOCIAL STUDIES - Spend more time writing comments and posting to Facebook in order to get to know other bakers better.

SCIENCE - Experiment with new ingredients, tools and techniques

So - that's what I hope to accomplish this fall. What do you have planned? Any new cookbooks you're reading or recipes you want to try?