Vintage Treats!

Some of you may be wondering where this Amy in EAT is and why hasn't she posted anything yet? Well, I've been working on the perfect post to introduce myself with... something to win you all over, dazzle you with my ideas and my wit. Yeah, been working on that for some time now. And after a knock-down drag out fight with my new scanner trying to make the perfect Valentine cupcake toppers I realized that post is probably never going to happen and I'd better just introduce myself as me.

I'm Amy and I love everything vintage... especially from the 40's, 50's and 60's. I live in a 1952 Sears kit house... I've expanded the kitchen but tried to keep with 50's look but with a lot more space. This inspired me to get more into baking along with Emily who has taught me much about cookie decorating and invited me to share this blog with her. I love collecting vintage things and among those things is a collection of vintage cookbooks. This is one of my favorite... I'm just sure that my daughter and I look just like that when we are baking. I started looking through it for inspiration and found it! Of course! What's more vintage that thumbprint cookies? I think everyone's grandma probably made these at one time or another. So I made some... double print for Valentine's Day and have included the recipe for you. I've included my grandmother's strawberry jam recipe too... one I make every year.