Pi(e) Treats!

Growing up my mom made the best pies ever... from scratch, perfectly baked and so yummy. Did I take the time to learn from her? No, not at all. I occasionally made "cookies" from the scraps and that was about the extent of my participation other than of course eating them. Last fall, my daughter was required to bring three pies for a fund raiser. My thoughts were that it would be a lot of work but I surely could figure it out. Well... it was a frustrating day to say the least. My pumpkin pie just wouldn't get done... I'm not sure how many hours I ended up baking it. In making my apple pie I didn't realize you should cut the top crust larger than the bottom so the edges looked funny. By the time I got to my cherry pie I did better but it still wasn't near "Mom" quality. So I called my husband and asked him to please pick up at least one pie at a bakery as I knew I for sure couldn't take the pumpkin. He did so I sent the bakery pie along with apple and cherry pies wishing my name wasn't on the bottom of the pie pans! Then I promptly called Emily and said that when I started blogging with her I would never ever make or talk about pies!

The next day I went to the fundraiser event and was greeted with praise on how great my pies looked and told that I must be quite the baker! So I looked at the other pies (which I quickly determined were mostly grocery store bought and baked) and realized maybe I'd been a little too hard on myself that my pies might not be my mom's but they were okay and I could try again. :)

So... in honor of Pi(e) day I thought I'd do just that. This time I decided to make tiny apple pies in cupcake tins. I cut small (about 4 inch) circles of pie crust and placed them in the bottom of the cupcake tins. One pie crust worth of dough made 5. I then peeled and sliced 3 apples and dumped some sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg on top and made sure all the apples were coated. I had a little dough left so I cut little strips for the top, placed a tiny bit of cold butter on top along with a little sugar and baked them until golden brown (about 20 minutes or so). They were super easy, turned out great and were very yummy! My son said it was the best pie he'd ever eaten. So yes, I'll make pie again. :)