Yarn Ball Cupcakes

For my knitting & crocheting friends and family...

 Here's how to make them for your next "Knit Night":

Knitting Needles

You will need:

  • bamboo skewers
  • wooden furniture buttons
  • wood glue

To make:

  1. Cut skewers down to about 7" (from pointed end)
  2. Using wood glue, glue furniture button to top (not pointed) end
  3. Allow to dry


To Decorate Cupcakes

  1.  Insert your knitting needle skewers so they criss-cross through the top of undecorated cupcake
  2. Outfit a pastry bag with a medium sized writing tip
  3. To make the frosting look varigated - smear/smudge gel frosting color on one side of the inside of the pastry bag, then fill with uncolored frosting. The frosting will pick-up the color as it passes through the bag. (you might have to squirt some out until you start to see the color)
  4. To decorate, layer strings of frosting to look like a yarn ball. I started in the middle and made a straight line across, then made a curved line on the outside edges following the contour of the cupcake. Next I split the difference between the edge and the middle with a slightly curved line, then I filled-in in between, layering the strings of frosting until the cupcake was covered.

Hint: hold your frosting tip above the cupcake a 1/2" or so and let the frosting fall on the cupcake.